You can call me Nani!

Hi! My name is Claudilane, but you can call me Nani!

I was born and raised in Brazil until I moved to America in 2000, living in Florida. In 2017, my family and I moved to West Michigan, and that is where “Nani Girl Snacks” came to life. 

Growing up, I used to eat a variety of products made from cassava that were very memorable to me and my childhood. Since moving to America, I’ve noticed that there are very few cassava-based products on the market and I decided that I wanted to change that, while also sharing a part of my story with the world.

I hope you enjoy “Cassie Puffs” and have as much fun eating them as I do!

Say it with us: Cassava!

Cassava is a nutty-flavored, starchy root vegetable used often in South America, Asia and Africa. Some of its special properties include high fiber, vitamin C, protein, and absolutely zero gluten.

Our signature snack Cassie Puffs uses Cassava flour as the main ingredient, and is responsible for the crunchy texture in every bite!

We are proud members of the Downtown Market Incubator Kitchen

The Grand Rapids Downtown Market Incubator kitchen is where we produce our delicious snacks. Thank you to Ryan from the Downtown Market Team and Kendra from the MSU Product Center for helping us share our snacks with the world!